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About the Union

The Union of czech mathematicians and physicists is a scientific society joining researchers, teachers, and amateur supporters of mathematics and physics. It has been founded in 1862.

The Union aims to support the development of mathematics and physics beyond the realm of academic and industrial institutions, in particular by means of popularization, support of talented students and by issuing expert opinions.

In its scholarly fields The Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists:

  • organizes conferences, seminars and meetings, (list - in Czech)
  • organizes competitions at all educational levels, (list - in Czech)
  • publishes journals, books and monographs, (list - in Czech)
  • popularizes new and traditional attainments before the general audience,
  • explores and promotes the history of mathematics and physics
  • issues opinions on scientific works.

The Union is a member of the Council of scientific societies of the Czech Republic.

UCMP is the adhering organization of the Czech Republic in the International Mathematical Union
and in the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics.

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