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Why join

The Union welcomes all adherents of mathematics and physics, in particular teachers, scientists and students.

Institutions and organizations whose activities are related to mathematics and physics may became institutional members of the Union.

The motivation to become a member of the Union can have diverse origins:

  • The Union provides a forum to meet other people with similar perspective and interests.
  • Ours is one of the oldest mathematical societies in the world.
  • Active members can realize their interests, in particular:
    • prepare events that support mathematics and physics, e.g. contest for students,
    • deliver lectures and publish papers on contemporary and historical subject in either popular or scientific form,
    • enjoy the opportunity to cooperate with international partner societies,
    • interact on the national level with other scientific societies, academic institutions, etc.
  • There is a variety of direct advantages for our members, e.g. discounts on publications, conference fees. Young colleagues may apply for travel support.
  • Last but not least, those of our members who do not use any of the advantages, maintain their membership as a form of support of the Union's activities.
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