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"The 1804 examination for the chair of elementary mathematics at Prague University"

In 1804 the chair on elementary mathematics at Charles-Ferdinand University became vacant due to the retirement of the old, ex-jesuit professor Stanislav Vydra. The examination, in which only Bernard Bolzano and Ladislav Jandera took part, consisted of a written and an oral part. The chair went to Jandera, while Bolzano became professor of “religious doctrine.” This talk will examines the context, the answers of both candidates and the outcome of the concurs, based on a number of related papers preserved at the National Archives in Prague.

Speakers: Elías Fuentes-Guillén and Davide Crippa, Filosofický ústav AV ČR

Místo konání: 
Ústav matematiky a statistiky PřF MU v Brně, Kotlářská 2, posluchárna M1
Datum konání: 
29. November 2021 - 14:00
Složka JČMF: 
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