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Math Mindfulness: How can Teacher Candidates Grow in Mindset and Lessen Math Anxiety? (Janet Tassell, Western Kentucky University)

Innovation is more imperative now than ever before given the upcoming shortage in prepared teachers and the need to produce students with a strong knowledge of mathematics. A sense of urgency is impacting teacher education/preparation programs as instructional practices need to discover how to arm teachers to increase the number of students to be not only college-ready but also desiring to pursue STEM majors. As such, the purpose of this study, was to determine how the four variables (mindfulness, mathematics anxiety, self-efficacy, and mindset) are interconnected within pre-service elementary teachers (PSETs), and how we as teacher educators can better address these variables within our own PSETs. Each semester included three seminars with similar overall foci including the 4 variables. Participants in this study were recruited from Elementary Education students at an east southcentral regional university enrolled in a mathematics methods course. Thirty-seven participants were divided into control (N=20) and treatment (N= 17). In this paper, we present both qualitative and quantitative results from our mixed-methods study that considered these questions. With the results of this study revealing an inter-connectedness among the four variables, this research further informs the teacher educator community.

Přednáší Janet Lynne Tassell, Ph.D., profesorka School of Teacher Education, Western Kentucky University

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Pedagogická fakulta MU, Poříčí 31, Brno, 603 00 (učebna 32, 2. NP)
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20. October 2022 - 14:00
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